Kemecés menük - Lőrincz Pince
Kemecés menük - Lőrincz Pince
Kemecés menük - Lőrincz Pince
Kemecés menük - Lőrincz Pince

Menu made in oven - Lőrincz cellar

The Lőrincz Cellar, located 300 meters from our winery, is also part of our family business. We offer dishes with a unique flavor in the oven on our covered terrace.

Our oven-made offer:

1st menu HUF 3,500/person

Pot goulash (with beef) served in a cup

Baked bukta filled with apricot jam and vanilla extract

2nd menu HUF 3,500/person

Creamy boletus soup served in oven-baked bread

Cabbage-smoked spare ribs (2 pcs.)

3rd menu HUF 4,000/person

Nádudvari stuffed cabbage with sour cream

Golden dumpling with vanilla pepper sauce

4th menu HUF 6,000/person

Palóc goulash soup served in baked bread

Oven-baked duck leg with purple cabbage and mashed potatoes with onions

Plum custard

5th menu HUF 7,800/person
Pheasant soup

Lamb shanks with cubed potatoes and rustic vegetables

Apple pie with lemon mascarpone mousse (1 pc.)

6th menu HUF 6,200/person

Garlic zucchini cream soup served in a cup

Oven-baked goose leg with cabbage strudel


7th menu HUF 5,200/person

French onion soup

Pork loin the good woman's way

Cottage cheese strudel (1 pc.)

8th menu HUF 8,200/2 people

Mátra oven dish for 2 people

Fried chicken legs (2 pcs/bowl), spicy pork loin (2 pcs/bowl), fried sides (2 pcs/bowl) with chicken liver on a lecho base with diced potatoes