„Regélő” Wine House and Village Inn

Mátra Hills Wine Region, Hungary

Welcome to Farkasmály, where you find the historical wine cellars at the foot of the Mátra Hills, conveniently located half way between Gyöngyös and Mátrafüred, Hungary.

Come and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this beautiful little valley surrounded by vineyards.

Farkasmály is an ideal location to relax and enjoy a glass of wine with our homemade food either indoors or outside.

The restaurant is open Saturday from 12 to 20 and Sunday from 12 to 18. If you have a gruop please contact us before the visit in e-mail and you can check-in another times also.

Wines and drinks



Our pension can accommodate 8 guests in 3 rooms.

Double room for 2 person 11000 HUF (+ local tuorist tax) included the breakfast.

Our family enterprise has a hotel (3 stars) in Farkasmály with 17 room and wellness services.

Hotel Sziluett website


The story of Farkasmály:

The national fairs and weekly markets in the town were already important int he 14th century, and this enabled Gyöngyös to join the wine trade to the north-east which determined the town’s future economic and social development. At the western foot of Sár Hill, the vines of Farkasmály were planted in 1750. Below the quarry, rows of cellars were cut in to the vulcanic rock. The earliest was built for Baron Lőrincz Orczy, who in 1786 had another cellar hewn right next to the first, connecting the two with a passageway. Altogether 26 cellars were bulit in Farkasmály in the 18th and 19th centuries, in part with two-storeyed press houses and in part without. The six earliest cellars are known as the „Middle Town”, as they are in the middle of the row, while those built around 1834 comprise the „Hungarian Town” and later cellars the „German Town”. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries the row of cellars become a popular place for excursions with the people of Gyöngyös, and May fairs and vintage festivities were also held here.

The Mátra Wine Region

is Hungary's oldest historicwine region with its 7000 hectares of wine-growing area. Its volcaic soil rich in brown forest soils and minerals. The wine region is situated on 20 km wide at the western side of the Mátra Mountains. Before the phylloxera epidemic red grapes were cultivated on 60% of the region but since the replantation whtie varieties have been dominating. Although the wine region is located in the northern part of the country owing to climate change the sugar content of the grapes os boosted in summer by the Mediterranean climate.