Bortúrák a Farkasmály pincesor 10 pincéjében
 Bortúrák a Farkasmály pincesor 10 pincéjében

Wine-trip Farkasmály

You can visit 10 wine cellar out of 27 altogether. 9 of them are connected with each other, reaching 30-meter deep into the hill. The cellar system belongs to the longest, connected systems digged by hand in Central and Eastern Europe.

The wine-trip will last approx. 1,5 – 2 hours, offering a unique opportunity to taste the best wines from the classified sites of the Mátra mountains. The 4 wine-growing estates Bárdos & Sohn, Dominium, Lazckó and Regélő present 5 different long-established types of grapes. Besides we will serve soda, Pogácsa, a Hungarian cake-speciality, and cheese from the region.

The guided tour will also give a look at nature and history of the Mátra mountains, dating back to the 18. century.

At the end of the wine-trip wine hotel Sziluett offers further wine tasting, fine Hungarian cuisine and the possibility for bed & breakfast in a nice 3-star hotel including wellness facility.

Each participant will receive a wine glass with Farkasmályi logo as a memory. The wine-trip will be offered already from 2 participants for 4.200 HUF / person by prior appointment: Tel. +36 70 315 9645